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FTP File Transfer - The Best Solution for Large Files |

· 2 min read
Customer Care Engineer


Transferring and storing large amounts of content is a task that can be accomplished relatively easily on today's Internet. Web browsers can handle the transfer of rather large files without any problems. However, it is better to use the FTP protocol to systematically organize work with the storage and transfer of such files.

Uploading files through the control panel's web-based file manager interface is slow and inconvenient. In addition, large files may not "get through", getting caught by the limitations of the online file manager. This problem is solved by using an FTP server, making the process of file transfer much more efficient and reliable.

What is an FTP server?

FTP server is one of the simplest and therefore common ways to organize storage and remote work with files. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a data transfer protocol that allows server-client connection and transfer of files of any size at high speed.

BB plans from

Here you can select the storage with the amount of disk space you need.

With this type of tariffs, you get a secure storage space hosted on servers in Germany or Finland at affordable prices. The peculiarity of the tariff is that, unlike VPS, here you will not be able to use the hosting option or install additional software. The tariff is suitable only for data storage, mainly backups.

Benefits of BB plans:

  • low price

  • high level of security - data safety is ensured by disk RAID arrays

  • German location

  • access via basic protocols: FTP(S)/ SFTP/ SCP/ Samba/ HTTPS/ WebDAV

  • possibility of 10 simultaneous connections.

FTP at maximum

If you are an experienced user or developer, you can rent a VPS and use it both for your projects and as an FTP server. Install the GNU/Linux distribution that suits you and the free server control panel FASTPANEL. Then, before connecting to the server via FTP, also create an FTP account. After that, you can work using any FTP client you like.

This solution is flexible to suit your needs, be it a corporate file server, a family archive or a backup space.

How to use an FTP server?

The best way to simplify your life when working with FTP is to use a special FTP client. The user-friendly interface will allow you to send and receive data from your computer to the server. The most popular FTP clients are:

  • WinSCP for Windows

  • Transmit

  • Cyberduck

  • Filezilla

Let's consider connecting to the server using Filezilla, as it is one of the most popular FTP clients at the moment.

  1. Open the site manager (File – Site manager). Click the "New site" button.


  1. Enter the connection name and access data

  2. Select the encryption mode "Use explicit FTP over TLS if available"


  1. Click "Connect"

  2. Now you can work with the FTP server and upload the first data to it

Thus, offers you the best solution depending on the type of your tasks:

  • Simple data storage and FTP transfer are BB rates

  • Organization of your own FTP server is VPS tariffs for developers and advanced users